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Community outreach programs in Killeen, TX

As Christians, it is our duty to help those in need and to spread the Gospel to those we meet. Charity Baptist Church embodies the spirit of Christ-like love with our church outreach programs. From providing assistance to the underserved to preaching overseas, we're living up to our dedication.

Contact our team today to see how you can get involved with one of our community outreach programs in Killeen, TX.

Leading our community with love

Jesus instructed us to love our neighbor. We’re following in his example with our church outreach programs. Here are a few of our special church members and organizations making a difference:

  • The Pratts: Missionaries to India
  • The Waldrops: Missionaries to Mexico
  • The Mahaneys: Missionaries to South Korea
  • The Steeles: Missionary Church Planter Helpers
  • Operation Phantom Support: Serving veterans and their families
  • Doctor Waller and family: Medical Church Planters to The World
  • Evangelist Dale Aguiar and family: Church Helps and Tent Meetings
  • Evangelist Bill Snodderly and family: Director of Regions Beyond Baptist Ministry

We are currently accepting donations to help women in Killeen, TX rebuild their lives after surviving abusive relationships. If you would like to help or want to learn more about supporting one our community outreach programs, please call 254-519-2500.